Tempestade em copo d’agua

JUNE 6 | JULY 20, 2018


Tempestade em copo d’agua. Women Artists in Portugal explores how celebrated and emerging women artists in Portugal have experimented with new modes of resistance.

Helena Almeida, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, Paula Rego are such women; women who make a fuss. Their works avoid inescapable dichotomies, true or false; either-or; letting one explode with rage or burst into laughs. Within the too close, tactile sphere of self-reflection, active fabulations erupt, storming our centres of perception. Following their lead, younger artists such as Manuela Pimentel, Maria Trabulo, and Mafalda Mendoça turn their gazes outwards.

Making a mess of the confined space of their own intimacy or of what is most mundane, all of them bring about revolutions for the time of a single hesitation.