Pablo Carpio

2 medios

JUNE 1 | JULY 29, 2016

Mirat Projects presents Pablo Carpio’s first solo show in Madrid, curated by Ricardo Mirat, Director of the gallery.

The Spanish artist lives and works between New York and Mexico DF and his works explore the pictorial matrix, creative process and plastic possibilities. Carpio uses acrylic paint as a vehicle to produce and construct new dynamics in his artworks.

Surpassing genres, his pieces bond painting, sculpture and installation, being difficult to classify them specifically under any of these terms.

His works evolve from a subtle break of canvas borders, continuing by violating all margins until finally getting by without it. This is clearly represented in the "Bound" work, work in which the paint absorbs the three-dimensional space of the support conventional getting that painting becomes sculpture.

The artist uses cracked surfaces, cracked or open, even reaching break painting occasionally, which is for the artist an act of liberation of painting. “2 medios” is the first solo show of the artist that presents a series of works from his Brooklyn and DF studios. Through the exhibition, Carpio reflects on the short-term-nature of the pictorial means, deepening into the painting structures. He embraces movement and change, creating artworks that reflect the rapid and constant social transformation.

The site-specific installation “Volver a Empezar” represents this idea thoroughly. Visitors are invited to participate with the artwork, rather than isolating the viewer in a cul-de-sac of individual experience. The artist plays with multifigure-compositions reflecting any kind of narrative. Forms, colours and materials create an organic and candy-like works that experiment with multiple states of being, across many timeframes.