Chagall, Jawlensky, Kandinsky and Malevich at the Fundación MAPFRE

Detail from the artwork  Suprematism , by  Kazimir Malévich , present at the exhibition.

Detail from the artwork Suprematism, by Kazimir Malévich, present at the exhibition.

Fundación MAPFRE, together with the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, is holding the From Chagall to Malévich: Art in Revolution exhibition, which brings together over 90 works and 23 publications from artists who lived through the transformation of a society full of hope and the belief that with the revolution, a new world was being ushered in.

The exhibition features leading figures such as Marc Chagall and Kazimir Malévich, to the extent that they are polar opposites in their innovation of avant-garde painting: in Chagall's case, more poetic and narrative, thereby paving the way for surrealism; for Malévich, more radical and prone to geometric abstraction. The works of another twenty-seven artists who worked on painting and sculpture at the same time as responding to some of the basic tenets of these arts are also on display. This creative line-up also features the notable presence of artists Wassily Kandinsky and Alexej von Jawlensky, whose work was fundamental to the development of the avant-garde movement.

FEBRUARY 9 | MAY 5, 2019