Dusa Jesih

(No) dialogue

JANUARY 12 | FEBRUARY 17, 2017

"(No) dialogue" is the first solo of the Eslovenian artist Dusa Jesih in Spain in which the artist starts a search for balance between space and time, between movement and stillness, between the finite and the infinite. This search becomes a constant in her works in which she studies the combination of geometric and morphological and the different chromatic elements.

At the beginning of last century the theory of Gestalt appears in Germany for studying the perception. The theory’s main motto claims: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.", that is the human perceives always the totality of what their senses transmits it. The works of Dusa Jesih uses this language, it pursue this axiom creating this geometrical deconstructions in which thanks the purity and simplicity of the shapes and the use of the pure colours, the artist wants to find the balance between the unequal parts, without importance the basic elements of composition.

Jesih divides the surface with linear constructions towards non symmetrical segments but from there she does not follow neither the path of rationalistic poetics nor the preconceived logic of representation. This results into monumental geometric shapes seen as an interactive dialogue between the artist and her public.

By the use of series and patterns, the figures of Jesih coexist at the same pictorial level in a harmonious composition. In this way, these geometrical shapes symbolize the infinite and the eternity; visual and sensorial space uncovers itself and it expands through the mind opening the gaze up. This multidisciplinary exhibition is structured through painting, installations and video in what can be called a “Gesamtkunstwerk”, “the definitive art work” revealing new perspectives and encouraging dialogue.