JUNE 20 | JULy 26, 2019

Bleckner, Ross, Specimen.jpg

Over the rainbow explores the modern tendency towards the black and white aesthetic through artists whose artworks embarks on a deliberate search for this peculiar binomial.

Modernity is a pioneer in imagining and painting in black and white. This trend reach an important role in the formal and expressive language of the artwork in modern culture. Not as an inevitable conclusion of the media, but as a firm aesthetic purpose.

Over the rainbow gathers this conscious experimentation through a representative exhibition of the different tendencies that have embraced this aesthetic. From modernity and postwar, to its subsequent consolidation in contemporary times. From abstraction to figuration. With artists like Ross Bleckner, Secundino Hernández, Wassily Kandinsky, Bruce Nauman, Antoni Tàpies, or Christopher Wool.