Alexander Zuleta



Alexander Zuleta (Guatemala, 1984) is already considered one of the most important young artists in Guatemala.

The exhibition Over Time , title that supports multiple interpretations, gives an overview of his latest series, 9 unique pieces with a common thread: the importance of the children’s youth and their game stage.

His work is thus a constant criticism of societies that do not allow children to develop in that regard, as has been happening in many areas of his homeland for many generations. Each of the art works of Over Time is an analysis of the routes that are generated when shooting marbles or flipping “jacks”, two of the most typical toys of Guatemala.

The artist creates a geometrical abstraction of the physical trace and then adds the emotional component, that remains in the psyche and that influences the perception of the work depending on the viewer.

Influence of kinetic art and op-art is seen through these works. Zuleta has reinterpreted his favourite artists printing a conceptual twist to genres like life, space, time, origin and movement.

Each of these concepts are embodied in straight lines and primary colours that can be interpreted by each viewer can even rotate them or combine them at will. A work moving freely, which combines the expression of the artist to the viewer the possibility of returning to play again.

The great technical skill and enormous talent have allowed him to investigate Zuleta different techniques, styles and materials that have led to this, his latest study almost handmade.

Overall, his work is a profound reflection on the nature of perception, movement, representation, childhood, life and death.