Miranda Makaroff



In her first solo show, the Spanish artist introduces us to a universe of hedonism, color and freedom.

Inspired by her travels around the Mediterranean and a residency in Ibiza, this exhibition transport us to the inner world of the artist. In there, we must meet a single requirement:  to unleash our senses and to let ourselves go. Miranda manifests in her paintings an expressive language of vibrant colours and pure dynamism, appropriating the female figure as an absolute reflection of beauty.

As she/he steps into her sensual installation, the spectator experiments the artist’s exploration of inner sexuality. It is only in such a fantasy world that Makaroff’s desires can be brought to life. The visual and textural stimuli allude to her quest for a balance of pleasures in our anesthetized society of the politically correct. As Makaroff materializes for the viewer a synesthetic mindscape of erotism, she allows for happiness and joy to be pursued within the white cube.