Erotic Stories



Mirat Gallery presents Erotic Stories a study of erotic works through time. This is the first exhibition dedicated to erotic art in Spain and one of the few that have been showcased around the world. Different periods and meanings introducing the viewer into a glimpse of one of the most repeated art motifs (nudity and eroticism), and although it has been a constant subject-matter in all arts it has never been brought to light until recently.

Erotic art us much more than risqué works, it is an observation of the world that surrounds us, is about sexuality, what is forbidden and the instinctive. Erotic art is intersectional/transversal it can be political, sacred, ironic, or have other meanings. However, not all erotic art is the same, it can be explicit, or implied, and it also can be revealing or very prudent.

The representation of sex and eroticism has varied greatly throughout art history; since the creation of the Paleolithic Venus to Jeff Koons and his Banality series, erotic art has forced the viewer to face with an unfiltered perspective of sex and the scandalous. Mirat Projects showcases works by established artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andre Derain, David Salle, Bern Stern or Robert Mapplethorpe, who invite the viewer to reflect along emerging artists such as Miranda Makaroff, Carla Cascales or Mei Morettini, and artistic creations from other cultures/periods such as "shunga" illustrations or African sculptures from the 19th century carved in wood.

Erotic Stories guides the viewer, through the different works that compose it, towards a unitary vision of art, sex and artists that use this theme, arguing that it is impossible to dedicate a linear reading to them in time, but that it should be considered in what specific way the relationship between the spectator and the erotic art has evolved.