Brian Kokoska


23.11.18 / 25.01.19

Monsters are real but they are not as bad as you would think. Sure they’re party animals and terrible gossips, but mostly they just eat and burn to live.

In fact in Brian Kokoska’s world, we are all a little beastly. Working out his dreams, fears and personal mythology through the physicality of painting and sculpture, the artist creates a cast of reoccurring characters that remind us of our own demons and our affection for them.

As with any discussion involving displacement, the exhibition is a symphony of alter-egoism. Including the work, by other artists, Kokoska adds to the mix. This time two pieces by two heroes: in this first instance, Picasso’s drawing of a clown from 1963, in a counter back, Paul McCarthy’s Gold Butter Dog 1, Guggenheim Crown, 2003.

Like everything, these outside contributions are contextualized by the artist’s fleshy re-imagination of the white cube, which the artist has repainted in a white skin tone and carpeted to match. These works call the creepy imagery of Kokoska’s paintings into 3-D space and locate them within the home and the ubiquity of the everyday. Horror isn’t the neighbors, it’s your brother.

The show’s title, I want your orange blood in my muddy pockets , sounds like the start of a sweaty fever dream because it is. Kokoska takes on his nightmares with humor close at hand.


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